The inside scoop on the day-to-day life of an early-stage software company….

More Pie

Early scaling for a SaaS company - the period of growth from $1 million ARR to $10 million - presents an interesting phenomenon. Now that the company has solid and stable product-market fit, the sales model (and related results) takes on a much more predictable...

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Move Fast but Don’t Break Things

As a company grows, there’s a balancing act between creating necessary and unnecessary process. Speed is a primary advantage for startups. The short lag time between idea and implementation can lead to rapid innovation, and, hopefully, success. Undo deliberation and...

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Year 4

August marks the 4th anniversary of Gain Compliance. It’s always interesting to check in on the reality vs. expectations of having another year under our belt. In short, the past year has gone incredibly well. But, as with all early-stage companies, it doesn’t mean...

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The Wisdom of Crowds

The best thing about cracking a new market is working with customers. Not only is it necessary from a company standpoint - revenue is the end goal, after all - but it also offers numerous benefits with regards to product development. Not to mention: the alternative is...

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Cloud Software in the Spotlight

COVID-19 has brought renewed interest in remote workers, a phenomenon that was unheard of until fairly recently. Several factors have contributed to effectiveness of a distributed workforce, not the least of which is the ubiquity of cloud-based software. The...

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Stat. Filing Software: The Changing of the Guard

The market for Annual Statement software exhibits the hallmarks of late-stage post maturity.  The statutory financial filing for insurers is very involved; it takes years for a new solution to be brought to market, whether it be from a new entrant or a new product...

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And Then There Were Six

It’s nice when microeconomic principles work in real life. (Or, at the very least, it makes me feel better about the time and cost I devoted to my MBA.) Gain’s world of Statutory Financial Reporting for insurance companies is following a well-known script pretty much...

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