The inside scoop on the day-to-day life of an early-stage software company….

The Wisdom of Crowds

The best thing about cracking a new market is working with customers. Not only is it necessary from a company standpoint - revenue is the end goal, after all - but it also offers numerous benefits with regards to product development. Not to mention: the alternative is...

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Cloud Software in the Spotlight

COVID-19 has brought renewed interest in remote workers, a phenomenon that was unheard of until fairly recently. Several factors have contributed to effectiveness of a distributed workforce, not the least of which is the ubiquity of cloud-based software. The...

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Stat. Filing Software: The Changing of the Guard

The market for Annual Statement software exhibits the hallmarks of late-stage post maturity.  The statutory financial filing for insurers is very involved; it takes years for a new solution to be brought to market, whether it be from a new entrant or a new product...

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And Then There Were Six

It’s nice when microeconomic principles work in real life. (Or, at the very least, it makes me feel better about the time and cost I devoted to my MBA.) Gain’s world of Statutory Financial Reporting for insurance companies is following a well-known script pretty much...

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Product Strategy: Tools vs. Outcomes

Quite often, the end goal for a startup is straightforward: to build a best-in-class tool to accomplish a specific task. Depending on what that task is, this might be exactly the right approach. However, the more complicated and involved the use case, the more...

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Know Your Customer

In one of my favorite children’s books, The Lorax, an evil businessman finds great success by designing a consumer product with such broad appeal that demand for it is insatiable.  This product - a “Thneed” - is some sort of cloth or woven good, but its illustration...

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Style vs. Substance

In the world of enterprise software, there is a constant battle for differentiation. This statement describes the challenge of competing for customers within the tangible world of feature-to-feature comparisons; it’s also apt in the somewhat more abstract realm of...

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