Gain Compliance is 100% focused on Annual Statement Filings for Insurers

Get this:

Gain Compliance is the first Stat. Reporting vendor approved by the NAIC since 2001.

We’re hardly all that new, though: we recently celebrated our seventh anniversary, and our software now powers the filings for over 300 carriers.

Not a bad beginning. And, we’re just getting started.

Even better news:

Changing to Gain Compliance is easy and painless.

This is not your typical IT, stress-inducing implementation project. We provide total visibility, always hit our deadlines, and the entire process is quick – measured in days.

We handle all of the setup – you supply us with your historical reports (zip file format) and we do all of the rest.

Learn more by downloading: Switch to Gain (PDF)

Innovation can move pretty slowly within the world of insurance, but it (finally) has arrived in the world of statutory accounting.

We’ve been hard at work on this since 2016.

Our solution is different and, well, better.

Gain Compliance offers the only modern software designed to solve the pain points of the Statutory Financial Reporting process.

Learn more by downloading: Gain Compliance Overview (PDF)

Gain offers an end-to-end, purpose-built solution. We designed our software on a modern software architecture, specifically to address the shortcomings of the legacy products in the market.

You owe it to yourself (and your filings) to see what truly better software looks like.

 With Gain Compliance, you’ll experience:

  • Software designed specifically for financial reporting teams

Finally, a modern interface specialized for the Statutory Financial Reporting Process

  • Unparalleled performance.

Instantaneously responsive software – filing-wide validations run in real-time across Notes and all schedules

  • The tools you need, all in one place.

Gain offers a completely integrated Notes experience including a modern text editor, intelligent roll-forward of data and text, and automated management of quarterly and annual filing details.

  • The ability to leverage multiple monitors during drafting and review.

Navigate easily within your filings: open any Note, schedule, NAIC instruction, or your validation report in a new browser tab to compare and gain context across filings.

If your mission were to design the perfect Annual Statement Software, where would you start?

At Gain, we began with a 100% focus on the user experience.

We spent hundreds of hours learning about the challenges faced by financial reporting teams. We listened. And, we worked collaboratively with financial reporting teams on our design. The result is a solution that fixes the painful parts of the filing process that legacy software users have come to accept.

Simply put: Gain offers better outcomes in efficiency and compliance.

Admittedly, we can hardly take credit for building our software this way. We are simply applying the best practices of current User Experience design. Consequently, our software stands in sharp contrast to our competition’s products. This makes sense: they were designed two decades ago – a veritable eternity in the software world.

This leads to the question:

Why are you still using antique software for your stat. filings, particularly when it’s so easy to switch?

Ever struggle with Notes?

Gain’s customers achieve flawless output with next-to effortless input. Seriously.

Our solution fixes the universal pain points – formatting, NAIC updates, roll-forward management, team collaboration, real-time integration with schedule data…

In fact, our Notes solution is so good that we offer as an a la carte solution. If you’re content with your current Annual Statement solution provider, Gain’s Notes module is complimentary and compatible with the software you already use. Not to mention, economical.

Learn more by downloading: Notes Solution (PDF)

More than software…

Our goal is not simply to offer the best software in the industry – we do that already – but, rather, it is far more ambitious.

We are focused on ensuring that every customer has a successful filing experience.

There is so much more to this than just having the top tool to get the job done, starting with Gain’s best-in-class support model. Your dedicated representative brings deep NAIC filing expertise and insight, and is further backed up by our accounting policy team which assists with more complex guidance.

From onboarding, to training, to  supporting you throughout the filing season –  we are there for you, every step of the way.

We also offer a second-to-none set of educational resources. From our industry-leading online library to in-app, contextual assistance, to our team of accounting policy experts, Gain provides relevant information at your fingertips just when and where you need it.

Gain tracks changes to the NAIC guidance and simultaneously updates our educational resources and software in near real-time to incorporate the latest BWG, SAPWG, and Accounting Task Force developments.

At Gain, we do exactly one thing. We do it incredibly well.

Statutory Financial Reporting is all we do.

100% of our time, effort, and passion is devoted to making sure that our customers succeed with their quarterly and Annual NAIC filings.

Your filing season is our filing season. Learn more about Gain’s commitment to the Statutory Financial Reporting teams by downloading: Gain’s Focus (PDF)

layering rules, outlines, customer data to build a powerful document

Modern Software – Built with Modern Technology

Leveraging a modern architecture approach, Gain’s pure Cloud-delivered software delivers significant advantages over legacy products, including:

  • Usability – intuitive layout and user-driven, modern interface
  • Performance – cloud-native software outperforms legacy software. By a remarkable amount.
  • Real time updates – to reflect changes to the NAIC guidance.
  • True cloud architecture – No installed component translates to lower cost of ownership. No more waiting on, managing, and reviewing software updates.

Learn more about Gain leverages technology to solve complex business reporting challenges.

Unparalleled Educational Resources:

Every relevant SSAP update delivered when and where you need it

Software is just part of the equation for a successful filing. With ever-changing NAIC guidance. Gain’s approach and technology offers significant advantages over the legacy software experience:

  • Real-time software and guidance updates. As new guidance is adopted, our solution reflects the changes on the same business day.
  • True cloud-based software means never needing to update any installed “thin client” to access updates: you access new features and guidance in the log-in process.
  • Resources are contextual: our solution highlights guidance and compliance changes on the schedules and disclosures relevant to your filing when you are working on the specific part of the filing.

Gain compliance updates the industry’s best industry resource library specific to Statutory Financial Reporting. Meeting notes and items from SAPWG and the Blanks Working Group, every SSAP memo, every NAIC-driven change: we have you covered.

Our Commitment to Data Security

Gain Compliance leverages industry best practices of security to ensure that our customers’ data is not compromised.

From human resources policies to operational procedures to systems architecture – all our decisions are predicated on our commitment to the promises we make to our customers.

As the chosen vendor for some of the most prominent carriers across the Health, Life, and Property and Casualty markets, our approach has been validated and approved through numerous, rigorous, third-party evaluations including successfully completing a Systems and Organizations Controls (SOC®) assessment.