Early scaling for a SaaS company – the period of growth from $1 million ARR to $10 million – presents an interesting phenomenon.

Now that the company has solid and stable product-market fit, the sales model (and related results) takes on a much more predictable trajectory. The elimination of significant uncertainty around revenue is foundational: from here, a company can plan with much greater confidence. 

As the picture becomes clearer, so too does the need to hire – both to support near-term customer growth and as also longer-term needs. This has been one of our themes at Gain Compliance recently; we’ve grown at all levels and in all areas, from Senior Managers and Engineers to Customer Success and Product Operations roles. 

The rub is that just as parts of the company become more mature, you need to recruit, hire, and onboard at a steady clip – a time-consuming and stressful process in and of itself. 

The goal, of course, is to expend time, energy, and focus on each challenge, solve it, and move on to the next one. The rub is that there is always a next challenging waiting. The joke I use to describe this is the pie-eating contest where the winner is rewarded with… more pie.

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