Not everything thrived in our first year.

August marks the end of our first full year of operations for Gain Compliance. While I’ve chronicled our path in a series of posts (starting with this one) on a semi-monthly basis (more or less), here are my two top-level takeaways:

  • Building a complex product is not easy. It takes time and talent, and is aided significantly by experience. But if the path was not hard, the end product wouldn’t be valuable.
  • It’s not glamorous. Discovery and design demand unbelievable amounts of diligence. And, on the business side, the day-to-day of running a company involves digging into the minutiae of any manner of legal and technical documents.

If you’ve followed our progress in my other posts, likely you’ve been more than a little bored by many aspects of the journey. It certainly differs from the popularized notion of a startup. The Hollywood mythology is The Social Network; the reality is much more what you would find in my blog (with riveting topics such as selecting a healthcare provider, choosing the right corporate structure, and designing an options plan that is tax-advantaged for employees).

Overall, it’s been a solid year of incremental progress towards our goal. And, just as importantly, our goal hasn’t moved. We are very much on the right path towards a worthy destination.

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