Gain Compliance makes best-of-breed software which improves outcomes for reporting teams.

That’s not what we sell, though.

Our value does not lie in offering a better tools for reporting teams to make a particular filing, but in providing a better experience. The difference is subtle, but important.

A few examples of the distinction:

  • Onboarding of new customers: if our primary focus were on software, our focus on providing an off-the-shelf, turnkey experience. Rather than automating the first steps a customer takes to be setup in our software, Gain provides a concierge-like experience which stresses improved data quality and compliance in the first filing.
  • Customer service: in a product-focused environment, support is limited to the software. In an experience-focused environment, our goal is to improve the customer’s process in any way possible. For Gain, this means significant investment in providing guidance in areas ancillary to the actual software, such as accounting expertise and process improvement.
  • Short-term vs. long-term goals: a software-focused business model can scale very, very quickly once product-market fit is achieved. An experienced-focused environment requires a slightly longer timeframe before rapid growth is possible. Notably, this is only a trade-off in the short term: the long-term prospects of an experience-focused company are just as bright (if not brighter).

In the world of startups, nothing creates excitement like explosive growth. By prioritizing the initial customer experience over and above software alone, Gain Compliance has made a conscious tradeoff to limit near-term growth.

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