The inside scoop on the day-to-day life of an early-stage software company….

Trade Conferences

For every industry, there’s always the big, annual trade conference. Or several. (Over the span of the last ten days alone, there have been four significant gatherings for those in the world of insurance, including IASA 2019, Connected Claims, DigIn, and the NAIC...

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Two Great Tastes

Following up on my earlier post from last October now that the dust has settled, it’s official: Insurtech remains sizzlingly hot. The numbers are in, and they are impressive. Insurtech funding grew globally to almost $4 billion globally in 2019. This is the...

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Survival Rates

Looking for Context Now firmly in the middle of our third year of operations, Gain Compliance has been fortunate to hit several operational milestones. Subjectively, the outlook is very promising: growing team, expanding customer base, high functioning product...

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Churn, Baby, Churn

To be fluent in the world of SaaS (ironically, an acronym itself), you need to master a dizzying array of terms, abbreviations, and ratios that underlie its unique business nature. (For a cheatsheet, here’s a helpful resource which provides a SaaS glossary.) At the...

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Achieving Product-Market Fit

Note on the graphic - I found this chart which maps cost (y-axis) vs. time spent (x-axis) to achieve product-market fit in this excellent article, but the original source can be found here. For new SaaS companies, and especially for ones with highly technical...

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Customer Experience

Gain Compliance makes best-of-breed software which improves outcomes for reporting teams. That’s not what we sell, though. Our value does not lie in offering a better tools for reporting teams to make a particular filing, but in providing a better experience. The...

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Picks and Shovels

Gain Compliance (as noted in a prior post) operates in the realm of InsurTech. This is the term applied to startups, investment, and innovation focusing on the staid world of insurance. In case you haven’t been following the market, InsurTech is very, very hot. CB...

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The Price of Speed

Three revenue benchmarks for SaaS startups are: $10k in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) $1 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) $10 million in Annual Recurring Revenue As a standalone metric, these milestones provide only a limited picture into a company’s...

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Balancing Act (Part 2 of 2)

In my last post, I discussed some of the impacts on the decisions around “how much” and “how soon” in terms of spending resources. The punchline? Startups that invest too much, too soon run a great risk to run out of money. Alternatively, companies that spend too...

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