Program Manager

Gain Compliance is developing innovative software products to help insurance professionals with the burden of their compliance-related filings. We are a team who is passionate about building great products that customers love!

We’re looking for a product-minded leader to own product delivery within a small SaaS company. We have a pretty great product with fantastic customer growth but, with all that growth, we’ve realized our existing practices should be examined and improved.

You’ll be a leader in the Product organization, joining the CPO, Product Manager, and Engineering leadership to evaluate where things are messy, ineffective or just plain wrong.

You will be responsible for maturing our cross-team communication, collaboration, product practices, and the existing seedlings of a culture that values continuous iteration. You will help shape the “space” where we “do product” together as a team to drive efficiency, quality, and alignment with business goals. For the right person, who thrives in highly relational small-company environments, this is a fantastic opportunity to have an outsized impact.

This role will sit between the Product Management and Engineering teams, but will also be highly engaged with Customer Success, Product Solutions, and Sales. We imagine you will spend your time ensuring your coworkers have the information they need to build and support a great product.

This role is…

  • …one part collaborative-organizer, orchestrator and contextual-connector; 
  • …one part collaborative-leader evolving the practices of the team to do the first bullet point even better; and
  • …one part a product-minded program manager taking initiative to lend a hand where needed.

You will have a great opportunity to lead, inspire, shape, and influence in multiple ways.

Continue reading if you are the kind of person who enjoys finding and building shared-understanding, connecting the dots across teams, learning a niche product, helping teams excel, and is comfortable getting things done by coloring outside the lines and navigating the mess of a small business. This role requires a highly relational communicator; capable of writing expectations in jira tickets, google docs or slack; and delights in getting product across the finish line.

Likewise we have a growing culture of continuous improvement, but it’s immature and underdeveloped. We need someone to help build and mature effective product practices one iteration at a time. The ideal candidate is someone who is comfy shepherding what is working, and pruning what is not. You will be expected to ask tough questions and to expand our solution space with new and creative ways to get work done better. You should bring a healthy dose of introspection, personally and within the team.

It’s probably obvious by now, that this role requires an amount of comfort in the loosely defined space (aka: mess) of a small business. That’s not code word for insane hours, or dreary days, but you will need to be creative, demonstrate intuition, be fairly self motivated and great at building trust with a variety of teammates. If these things excite you, and you are excited to help shape this work, please contact us!

Key Responsibilities

  • Communicate and collaborate transparently across teams by loudly participating in planning meetings, actively engaging in slack chatter, and being creative about setting up new working patterns that replicate that sweet “in the same room” feel while still working thousands of miles away from each other.
  • Drive efficiency, quality, and alignment with our business goals through finding creative ways to build relationships and morph practices to consistently connect our daily work to the business outcomes.
  • Build and mature more effective product practices, without adding layers of unnecessary processes. We imagine it looks something like: having a keen eye for continuous improvement while working with the team, socializing ways to decrease friction, increasing transparency, and championing better practices we can try out? This includes pushing your boss and your peers to venture out and try something different.
  • Model writing clear delivery expectations in jira tickets, google docs or slack, we are great at talking about these, but bad at remembering and sharing these out; We need your help. Ideally you’ll define norms and inspire collective accountability for others to follow suit.
  • Get products across the finish line, sometimes this means lending a hand in the product backlog, clarifying Jira tickets, or testing and other times it will be kicking us in the butt. Ultimately, you will be a positive encouragement and will provide accountability to deliver on our commitments.

Building a Remote and Inclusive Workplace

Gain Compliance is committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and everyone is encouraged to apply. Gain Compliance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local law.

We offer flexible hours, a generous vacation policy, 100% employer-paid insurance premiums, and a family-friendly schedule for everyone, including parents managing modern schedules.

This job is located on the internet, US-based remote applicants welcome! If you live near Des Moines, Iowa – we’ll even give you a desk and coworker-smells to enjoy. We are eager to talk to you at careers@gaincompliance.com. Please attach a resume and cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect person to help us build our test dreams.