Financial Reporting Specialist

We are looking for a product-minded accounting or financial reporting professional with strong technical acumen to join our Product Solutions team: a highly productive and collaborative individual exercising ownership, critical thinking, and attention to detail while delivering a high-quality product experience in a fast-paced environment

We have a successful SaaS software product and are growing fast (customer base as well as the company) – but this brings all the challenges that come with pursuing ambitious goals and always feeling one step behind. The team is looking for a fast moving, ambitious team member to help us catch up and get ahead of the work creating, maintaining, and testing the configurations that drive our financial reporting software. 

Experienced accounting / financial reporting professionals who are curious, playful, highly collaborative and can manage their way through complex new challenges should read on.

The Product

We are building an application for statutory financial reporting teams in the insurance industry (don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to have STAT experience). Yep, it’s niche. Think about TurboTax but for insurance companies with all the forms, calculations, and reporting guidance that go into every possible tax filing. Our engineering team has built a wonderful platform to support this and the Product Solutions team builds, maintains, and tests all the configurations that bring the software to life for our customers.

A sample screenshot of our application.

A sample screenshot of our application. Everything shows up as it does on this screen because Product Solutions put it there!

The great news is, our competitors are slumbering and we are able to gobble up their picnic. But it’s come at a cost. The fast pace of our early years have been a boon for the business, but has left us scrambling to keep up with the business with an under-investment in tooling to move this team to the next level. They are scrappy and gritty, but it is time to up our game and get the people and tools in place to truly scale

The team lives in Google Sheets, AirTable, and a range of other software tools in addition to our application, scraping together configurations that drive our products. They live in the weeds of regulatory guidance, forms, and specifications and act as domain experts, sharing their knowledge with other teams within and outside of our company on a regular basis. They are industry leaders who pour their energy into building a great experience and making our customer’s lives better.

The validation dashboard showing remaining items to address before the document can be filed. Also showing the custom rule syntax
(Product Solutions also writes the formulae for these validations!)

How We Work

You’ll be working with a small team of 5-ish accountants with minimal overhead and bureaucracies, who tend to thrive in a collaborative environment and are comfortable talking about failures and how to improve.

This team will build forms, write calculations, write reporting guidance, and tick and tie all the PDF and data files that come out of our software. They are part accountants, part software engineers, part Q/A, and 100% entrepreneurial and superhuman.

We try our best to make planning, designing and building an interactive and collaborative exercise, believing that our best work comes when we can all contribute ideas in a safe place. To facilitate this we have shared product and business goals, as well as time to imagine and explore solutions. We have annual product goals roughly mapped to a quarterly roadmap, with work being broken up into two week sprints (though we use this word pretty loosely). We’ve borrowed some ideas from agile methodologies, but aren’t dogmatic about it.

Your first few months will be stumbling through understanding our business and existing patterns. This should be driven, if not accelerated, by your curiosity. You’ll be expected to challenge how we architect, plan, execute and deliver product-focused deliverables while working alongside most teams within the company to build awareness, work plans, dependencies, and areas with challenges that need to be overcome.

Challenges Ahead in 2022

Executing on Deliverables

We have been actively working to hit some key milestones on an aggressive timeline in order to (a) deliver existing commitments and (b) give us space to proactively up our game through the rest of 2022.

Preparing to Scale

We want to continue building the team (people, plans, and processes) so that we are better suited for future scaling. This means taking a step back to think about how to build for the future. 

Better Systems and Tools 

We want to be smarter about how we work: building better systems and methodologies for delivery that make the best use of our time. We also want to explore tooling for areas where we need a lift.

Cross Training

We have too many silos of information. We want to do a better job getting more people involved in more areas of our work to reduce bottlenecks and better spread work throughout the team. 


This is a high capacity team with individuals taking charge as needed. We want to staff up and work smarter so that each individual can contribute and provide leadership in their own unique ways.

Comfortable Experimenting

Embracing fast feedback and quick explorations is part of our DNA and we want to continue to build on this. We need opinionated and experienced individuals to accelerate this goal.


Gain Compliance is a late stage startup. We are focused on producing a great product while developing a sustainable culture. While we don’t have all the perks of a large organization, we make up for this with incredible autonomy and the personal relationships of a small company.

We have full company-paid medical, vision and dental health benefits. We are happy to share our complete health benefits packet upon request.

An unlimited vacation policy for all employees with no blackout dates.

We offer a flexible four week parental leave for new parents.

Company Information

Located in the East Village of downtown Des Moines, Iowa, Gain Compliance has a product-first culture and is building a best-in-class team to leverage the latest technologies and best practices to solve challenging problems. We are committed to a creative, customer-led approach to product development.

In addition to the satisfaction (and upside) of joining a successful company in its early stages, we offer a flexible work environment and top-tier benefits.