Senior Software Engineer (Apps Team)

Gain Compliance is developing innovative software products to help insurance professionals with the burden of their compliance-related filings. We are a team who are passionate about building great products that customers love!

We are looking for a senior engineer to help build the primary application experience to make the complex needs of our customers seem simple. You’ll be joining a growing team of distributed engineers who are rapidly iterating on our SaaS products.

We need a product minded engineer who is comfortable working alongside Product owners to complete our young app. If this sounds like an interesting challenge, please apply!

You’ll be Doing:

  • Working on multiple client side applications using React, Redux, REST and GraphQL APIs to provide a clear and powerful interface to multiple flavors of serverless infrastructure
  • Using Material-UI to style React components to build a consistent and intuitive experience.
  • Improving the applications’ performance for our customers. Their documents are often quite large, and they’d like to use them as a single page, so you’ll be making sure that we are efficiently rendering only what is necessary. This includes  working with real user measurements (RUM) to ensure our customers have a snappy experience.
  • Working alongside a team of four to prune, refactor and bolster a 4 year old React and Redux client app, focused on making it easy to add  features quickly.
  • Learning the accounting and regulation side of the insurance business, and turning that into powerful and clear interfaces for our customers.

What You’ll Bring:

  • Confidence to plunge into hundreds of react components wired together with Redux.
  • Experience using CSS in React components to build useful interfaces. 
  • The ability to wrangle, use and write Javascript tooling for efficient builds, tree shaking, package deployment, and performance measurements.
  • Comfortable with different methodologies, strategies and tools – not too fussy about them.
  • Help make automated tests useful, as a way to  build high confidence work and support your team.
  • Comfortable with reading and understanding too much code. It’s thick in here, bring your machete delete-key – help us simplify this app.
  • Eager to share what you are doing and why to broadcast and multiply learnings to others.
  • Excited to hear and learn from others on the team. Ready to learn and to teach.
  • Comfortable sharing (maybe even marketing) your ideas with your team. A good listener of your team’s ideas. You know how to be additive, while still actively examining other people’s proposals. You’ve got opinions and can interrogate things, but be open to change and be convinced.
  • Capable of understanding long term, short term and making daily pragmatic decisions to advance the product toward a multi-year goal.
  • Roll’n up ‘em sleeves, move things around, and get work done. Not afraid to dive in, and figure things out.
  • Understand the value of good, without being distracted by having to find the best.
  • You can work through disagreements. This is one part “disagree and commit” and one part able to understand that “now is not the right time.”

Bonus Points, for:

  • Working on a niche SaaS business
  • Working with  GraphQL queries and mutations
  • Experience with GraphQl Subscriptions, websockets and concurrent users to build real-time experiences.

Building a Remote and Inclusive Workplace

Gain Compliance is committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and everyone is encouraged to apply. Gain Compliance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local law.

We offer flexible hours, a generous vacation policy, 100% employer-paid insurance premiums, and a family-friendly schedule for everyone, including parents managing modern schedules.

This job is located on the internet, US-based remote applicants welcome! If you live near Des Moines, Iowa – we’ll even give you a desk and coworker-smells to enjoy. We are eager to talk to you at careers@gaincompliance.com. Please attach a resume and cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect person for this job.