The world needs a cloud-based solution for TPS cover sheets

Last month, we attended the Prometheus Awards. The Technology Association of Iowa puts on the event which celebrates the accomplishments of a fairly close-knit community in our state.

We were nominated for “Outstanding Startup of the Year” for 2016 (alongside a cohort of some really great early stages companies — DenimBeraTek IndustriesiotaMotionlienwaiers.io). As part of the process, we had to submit a thirty-second company video to be played before our category winner was announced.

As a startup, we don’t have the in-house expertise to create anything which would even approach acceptable production quality. Additionally, it just wasn’t in the budget to write a check to an outside consultant to create the video. And finally, we had next-to-no free time outside of our day-to-day roles to solve the problem.

The answer came in the form of our CTO’s idea to appropriate a film clip from Office Space, change our company tagline to reflect our cloud-based solution to cover sheets for TPS reports, and call it good.

In a night of several dozen nominee videos, ours was definitely one of the more memorable. And, as an added bonus, we ended up taking home the award.

Then, it was back to work.

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