Statement Modifications Effective as of the 2022 Notes

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Line of Business

Impacted Notes


Life/Fraternal, Property, Health

Note 9C: Major Components of Income Taxes Incurred

Note 15: Leases

Updated: This item modifies the instructions for Note 9.CMajor components of income taxes incurred. Previously, the data captured element of the disclosure differed from the PDF. Specifically, the data captured element had a single “Other” line for the DTA and DTL components where the instructions and illustration for 9.C indicate that additional lines should be added to the PDF to show the detail of any additional “Other” components over 5%. The PDF requirement for the additional lines is being removed. In addition, clarifying calculations have been added for subtotal and total lines where they previously had not been provided. The Gain “extra” tables that had previously been utilized to capture the “Other” components for the PDF have also been removed from the application.

For Note 15 – Leases, the illustrations will be modified to add a “Thereafter” line to Note 15.A(2)a and Note 15.B(1)c that should be utilized to aggregate the amounts for remaining years after the five years specifically shown in the illustration. In addition, a formula to calculate the “Total” line has been added to the illustration for clarification.

Effective Annual 2022

References: 2021-16BWG Modified

Life/Fraternal, Property, Health, Title

Note 5: Investments

  • Note 5.A(7)
  • Note 5.D(2)
  • Note 5.E(3) and 5.E(5)
  • Note 5.L(1)
  • Note 5.M(1) and 5.M(2)
  • Note 5.R

Note 8: Derivatives

  • Note 8.A(8) and 8.B(2)

Note 14: Liabilities, Contingencies and Assessments

  • Note 14.A(3)c

Note 16: Information About Financial Instruments with Off-Balance Sheet Risk and Financial Instruments with Concentrations of Credit Risk

  • Note 16(1)

Note 18: Gain or Loss to the Reporting Entity from Uninsured Plans

  • Note 18.A and 18.B

Note 21: Other Items

  • Note 21.F(2), 21.F(3) and 21.F(4)
  • Note 21.G(2)

Note 22: Events Subsequent

Note 23: Reinsurance

  • Note 23.C and 23.F(1) (Property, Title only)

Note 32: Analysis of Annuity Actuarial Reserves and Deposit Type Contract Liabilities by Withdrawal Characteristics (Life only)

  • Note 32.D

Note 32: Discounting of Liabilities for Unpaid Losses or Unpaid Loss Adjustment Expenses (Property only)

  • Note 32.A and 32.B

Note 33: Analysis of Life Actuarial Reserves by Withdrawal Characteristics (Life only)

  • Note 33.D

Note 33: Asbestos/Environmental Reserves (Property only)

  • Note 33.A and 33.D

Note 34: Premiums and Annuity Considerations Deferred and Uncollected (Life only)

  • Note 34.A

Note 35: Separate Accounts (Life only)

  • Note 35.B

Note 36: Financial Guaranty Insurance (Property only)

  • Note 36.A(1)c, 36.A(3)b, 36.B

Updated: The instructions and illustrations have been updated to reflect editorial changes adopted by the NAIC Blanks Working Group (BWG) on 11/17/2022, 05/25/2022, 03/29/2022 and 11/16/2021. Formulas were added to the illustrations to clarify the calculations of subtotals and totals within the tables. For details on the impacts to the specific Notes listed, please refer to the attached NAIC Editorial Revisions document.

Effective Annual 2022

References: NAIC Editorial Revisions to the Blanks and Instructions

For a comprehensive list of modifications and exposures, see the following resources:


SAPWG Modifications: See the Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual Update page (this requires a subscription and login to the NAIC AP&P Manual Updates).

BWG Modifications: https://naic-cms.org/cmte_e_app_blanks_related_adopted_mods.htm

NAIC Maintenance Agenda: https://www.naic.org/documents/committees_e_app_sapwg_Maintenance_Agenda.xlsx


SAPWG Exposures: https://www.naic.org/exposure_drafts.htm?cmte_e_app_sapwg.htm

BWG Exposures: https://www.naic.org/exposure_drafts.htm?cmte_e_app_blanks.htm

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